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Used-Vehicle Export Process

May 7, 2018

Dear Valued Customers

King Ocean Freight

King Ocean Services has helped launch a pilot Vehicle Validation Export Process Program that now allows shippers to submit original vehicle export documentation electronically instead of delivering physical copies to a local customs trade office. The automated program, which is the first of its kind anywhere in the country, is currently being offered in Port Everglades to exporters shipping used vehicles from South Florida to destinations throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America The test program offers several key advantages. First, it offers exporters the ability to
skip in-person visits to the trade office in Port Everglades to deliver original vehicle export documentation – a time-saving efficiency that ensures faster document processing and reduced shipment times by around a day. Now, shippers can submit digital copies online any time of the day or night for faster review, processing and approval.

Digital copies also mean that exporters are no longer required to make multiple copies of documentation per vehicle being shipped, since the files can be provided electronically.

Effective in May, 2018, vehicle exporters interested in taking advantage of this timesaving pilot program should contact King Ocean at or 305.591.7595 for instructions. The required documents must still be submitted 72 hours
prior to the exportation of the vehicle

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