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Suriname Nautical Accessibility Surcharge

Jun 22, 2018

Dear Valued King Ocean Customers

King Ocean will implement the below new surcharge on all cargo moving to and from Suriname effective July 22, 2018:

Suriname Nautical Accessibility Surcharge

20’ $125
40’ $250
45’ $281
Loose Vehicles/Units $75
LCL $0.15 per Cubic Foot; $0.30 per 100 Lbs

The Maritime Authority of Suriname has issued an updated “Notice for the Nautical Accessibility of the Suriname River.”

This notice stipulates that the maximum draft of vessels will be reduced with 50cm versus the previous notice.
This has an effect of reducing cargo capacity on all vessels in and out of Suriname.

Additional information can be found by following this link:—3-betr.-Nautical-Accessibility-Suriname-Rivier.pdf

King Ocean thanks you for your continued support and understanding as we endeavor to provide consistent services to the shipping public.

For more information please call Customer Service at:
Miami: 305.591.7595

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