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Peak Season Surcharge

Aug 24, 2018

Effective September 24, 2017 through January 7, 2018


King Ocean is pleased to announce that effective next week the Nicaragua and San Andres Service will sail every Tuesday out of Port Everglades, FL.

King Ocean Services wishes to advise the trade that a temporary Peak Season Surcharge will be applied without exception southbound only to Caribbean service destinations.
20’ Dry, Specialized Equipment or Refrigerated Unit- $200
40’ Dry, Specialized Equipment or Refrigerated Unit- $400
45’ Dry – $450

Vehicles up to 700 CUFT – $118 each Vehicles exceeding 700 CUFT and Breakbulk – $9.41 w/m (per each 40 CUFT or 2,000 Lbs)

LCL – M (per 1 CUFT) – $0.24
LCL – W (per 100 Lbs) – $0.48

PSS will apply to destinations Anguilla, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saba, St Eustatius, St Barths, St Kitts, Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, St Maarten, Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Antigua.

For more information please contact us or call Customer Service at:
Miami: 305.591.7595

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