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Sep 10, 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

Our beloved, respected and internationally-known, Ingrid Hoffmann has joined efforts with Aitheras Aviation to get their Acute Air ambulances to the Bahamian islands severely impacted by Hurricane Dorian. They are flying those in need of medical care out and flying in personnel to provide rescue and relief. The first crew landed in the Bahamas the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 3, once the main airport became accessible.

Aitheras is the first civilian fixed-wing (non-helicopter) air ambulance company to bring a medical search-and-rescue team to Nassau. While helicopters can land in smaller, confined areas, fixed-wing aircrafts have a higher capacity and can travel much faster.

A GoFundMe account has been created to support this cause.

Please visit the fundraiser page here and join King Ocean Services and the many others supporting this relief effort. If you cannot make a donation, share the fundraiser to help spread the word and support people suffering from the devastating consequences of Hurricane Dorian.

Every little bit counts!