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Guyana Agency Announcement 2018

Oct 4, 2018

To All Our Valued Customers:

King Ocean Services is pleased to announce that effective October 10th, 2018, C & V Caribbean Shipping, Ltd. will be the agent for King Ocean Services in Guyana. Please find below their full style and contact details:

C&V Caribbean Shipping Ltd.
109 Laluni Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: +592 227 1245


Graeme Alli – +592 600 2031
Shereeza Zaman – +592 691 0082
Geeta Jegroo – +592 600 7820

Cargo handling will be done at John Fernandes, Ltd. for all cargo discharging or exporting from October 10th, 2018. All cargo arriving into or exported from Guyana before October 10th, 2018 will be handled by Demerara Shipping Company Ltd.

Please contact your local Sales Representative or local office for additional information.

For more information please contact us or call Customer Service at:
Miami: 305.591.7595

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