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Barbados Port Surcharge Increase – April 2019

Mar 6, 2019

Dear Valued Customers

King Ocean Services wishes to advise the trade that an increase to the Barbados Port Surcharge shall be applicable on all Open Tariff, Interisland, and Service Contract Rates to and from Barbados in the following amounts:

Barbados Port Surcharge new level Effective April 3, 2019

Per 20’ $280
Per 40’ $545
Per 45’ $611

Vehicles Not Exceeding 700 CUFT US$120
Vehicles Exceeding 700 CUFT US$9.60 per each 40 CUFT
Breakbulk US$9.60 per each 40 CUFT
LCL – US$0.24 per each CUFT (M) or US$0.48 per each 100 Lbs (W)

Please contact your local Sales Representative or local office for additional information.

For more information please contact us or call Customer Service at: Miami: 305.591.7595

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