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Dear Valued Customers

United States Driver Free Time Update Cargo

Please accept this letter as notification of a rate and hour adjustments on Driver Free Waiting Time period for loading or unloading containers, effective April 22 2018. The adjustments come in response to US motor carriers taking action to minimize delays affecting their hours of service. The changes are as follows: Drays that are considered local Florida drays will be quoted with half (1/2) an hour of free waiting time. All Intermodal and over the road Florida moves will have one (1) hour of free waiting time.
Waiting time rates after the expiration of Free Waiting Time:

Local Transport–
South Florida Dray area- 30 minutes (½ an hour) free.

• Additional time will be calculated at $100.00 per half hour or fraction thereof ($200.00 per hour)

Intermodal and over the road Florida moves–
All other inland points – 1 hour free time.

• Additional time will be calculated at $200.00 per hour or fraction thereof With these changes King Ocean is offering the following suggestions to assist in securing drivers, diminishing pickup and delivery delays, and reducing additional costs:

• Ensuring final delivery/ pick up locations are ready to receive drivers to limit waiting times
• Offering flexible receiving and exporting dates and times at warehouse locations
• Submitting booking request or Inbound delivery order with ample time, allowing for sufficient time to secure truck power
• Keep the gross weight within legal limits.
• Not penalizing drivers with late fees, restocking fees or inspection fees if they are running late or need to reschedule, keep in mind that weather and traffic runs into the 11 hour driving time and could add an additional 10 hours of rest.

For more information please call Customer Service at:
Miami: 305.591.7595

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